Sunday, February 15, 2009

An Apple Saturday

I spent my Saturday at the Metropolitan Hotel in Bangkok attending the Apple Think Ahead Roadshow.  We were invited to learn about some Mac tools that could be used in the classroom.  If one of the purposes of the day was to get us to covet the ipod touch then Apple had a good marketing strategy. Thank god the touch wasn't on sale at the hotel or I think I would now be the proud owner of one. 24 hours later, I covet the touch still but it no longer seems like a necessity. Adrian Lim, one of the hosts, told us a story of how just a regular guy developed an application that would allow you to turn your touch into a flute. Apparently the guy became a millionaire by selling the application on line for $1  a download. We also learned that the most recent iphoto application has face recognition abilities do if you type in the name of a loved one every photo of that person will be pulled up from your library. Next, if you have a digital camera with a built in GPS- I bet you didn't know that newer cameras have this feature- iphoto will be able to sort your photos by location. Nifty or unnecessary?

I didn't read my agenda very carefully because it wasn't until I was nearly at the hotel that I realized that Kim was one of the presenters. She did a great job! We learned how to use Garage Band to put together a podcast. In the morning session we learned how to combine still images and video clips to make a short (2 minute) movie using imovie.

We were treated to a delicious lunch. Apple is holding a three day workshop in Hong Kong in April. The workshop is free you just need to get yourself to Hong Kong. I want to go.

My original plan was to stay for the morning and leave before lunch. I'm glad I stayed for the whole day.


  1. The push for Ipods and cell phones in the classroom is definitely on. There are some great opportunities for classroom collaboration with this tool, but it seems to me that there is a major pendulum swing in the direction of "collaboration above all else".
    This article in yesterday's Trib is worth checking out:

  2. Interesting. So, what are the great opportunities for classroom collaboration using iPods??????